5 Most Wanted Buys from Made.com under £100…

New homeowners who are tight on cash but seeking on-trend interior design picks for their new house know what I’m talking about.

How many times have you clicked on an ad for Made.com, lured by a picture of a beautiful armchair or bookcase, only to find that it’s way out of your price range?

Don’t they know that you’ve just paid solicitors fees? When you’re a first-time buyer with a whole house to furnish, £599 for an accent chair – just doesn’t cut it.

But all is not lost, there are still gorgeous items on their site that will uplift your home decor, but won’t completely empty your bank account. Here are my top 5…

Make the most of wall space with the Esme Floating Shelf

919EDDBC-C9DB-45EE-968F-EF9FC708DA0DIdeal for a home office space or living room wall, this retro 60’s-inspired shelving range from Made.com come in at a reasonable £39-£49 price range. The floating element to the wall shelf design will elevate your interior decor without costing you the earth. Style appeal is high as it comes in an on-trend green shade as well as natural and white.


Get your industrial lighting and metallic interior design fix with Made.com’s £29 bargain

This single pendant light is a real steal for less than thirty quid, and it’s brass design hits the nail on the head in terms of current interior trends. Perfect for lighting the kitchen, its simplicity creates a minimalist and contemporary vibe. It’s easy to envision this pendant light hanging above a luxe wood and metal mix dining table and benches. Thanks to the reasonable price, it wouldn’t be too hard on your cash flow to buy more than one, and really bring home your industrial kitchen look.

Add chic and colourful storage to your living room decor with this set of 2 metal trunks in pink and yellow

If getting two items in one go makes you feel better about parting with a cheeky £75, this set of two metal trunks from Made.com use on-trend colours to keep your decor current. Perfect for keeping bits and pieces out of sight in an eye-pleasing manner, they would be a great pair of accent pieces in a living or bedroom.



Take a seat on this pretty little pouffe and add classic femininity to your living room furniture

Accent chairs and footstools are the perfect way to give your living room decor a lift, and this small pouffe from Made is a perfect choice. It’s brass base and pink hue give it timeless style, and it’s a charming little purchase at £99 to perfectly complement a grey sofa.


Fill floor space and bring elegant lighting to a modern living room setup

With a copper finish that will effortlessly bring the industrial trend into your living space, this floor lamp just makes the cut of my top 5, coming in at a slightly pricey £99. Its arched silhouette and white light make it an ultra-pretty and contemporary piece, which can easily be argued worth the price.